11 December 2023

北海道・ニセコ・トマムを舞台にアウトドアアドベンチャー(ラフティングなど)を専門的に行っております。夏シーズンも冬シーズンも半日ツアーや1日ツアーなどで様々なツアーを行っています。 あなたの冒険はここNOASCから始まりますよ!


After a short instructional period on how to control, manoeurve, build your team work when riding with a firend, your start down river following your guide. Sitting closer to the river surface, as compared to when you are rafting, duckying is packed full with sensations of speed, excitment, satisfaction and fun.

Bring a friend and find out what all the excitment is about. Contact NOASC for further information or visit our website at


Adult 6,500yen

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